Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Hello My Dears,

Lots and lots have changed over the past year, so lets recollect yeah?
Moved out in the beginning of the year. Was going to move out with my best friend (at the time) and boyfriend. -Well this bf turned out to be a cheating, no good liar-face.

But with that, also brought a new best friend whom I love and cherish dearly.  Its rather ironic, how such horrible and un-human circumstances bring people closer. Especially since we started out hating one another, and ended up loving each other.

Did end up moving out, it only lasted a sad 7 months until my "best friend", decided to act like a complete and utter jackass.  After the fun charade of knocking up his girlfriend-- about a month or so after we moved in, things were definitely changing, and not for the better due to his participation. We did get to own a kitty-kat, which this is definitely named after, Mow-Mow, whom I LOVED dearly.

She was a great buddy in the house of horrors. Turns out my "best friend" doesn't know how to clean, do dishes or even pick up after himself--and is completely oblivious to the fact that when its 90 degrees outside, its often 95 or more inside.
Into the summer seasons, around I want to say mid-June our cooling system completely broke down, and it was into our best interest to fix it. Which we never did, so I ran fans around the house which he was certain made our electricity so high---NOT. But in fact it was his COMPUTER that he left running 90% of the time, during the day and into the night. So since we had such a small upstairs condo, it was in fact hotter and small, neither one being good attributes to humidity or stupidity.
Needless to say, throughout the heat, and the childish behavior and money arguments, one last straw and I was out. Which by the way, was one July morning I believe when I woke up to go to work, and I went into the bathroom and the toilet was completely over-flowing onto the bathroom floor.  So that was it, not only was the place a total disaster, for me, him and his girlfriend that had moved in, don't know how she dealt with it all, really. But I was done and gone, I cleaned up what I could of the swamp disaster and had all my stuff out by the end of the day. Spent a week at my boyfriend's apartment, college housing none the less, and moved into more college housing across the street later on. Not only did our contract get messed up, but that kid blamed me for the toilet and a bunch of other stuff,  ridiculous, outrageous things at that.   >.< To say the very least, he let my bank account have it.

College housing wasn't any better. For about a week, it was only me and one other girl there, which was swell. Then the kids starting piling in, and turns out I knew one of the girls that moved in, which I thought was going to be awesome. Turns out I was wrong. Then a set of sisters moved in, they were decent people, but very immature and unaware of how to act civil.  Oh yeah, and after having an issue earlier this exact year, (being diagnosed with gallstones) my job for one month short of a year also deteriorated, as such they (Teleperformance) have no humanity towards their employee's, I was "let go", as my manager put it, soundly sheepish and ashamed on the phone. Like he expected me to hex him, or start bitching him, I had wanted to--but held back from doing. ---That day though, I had gotten myself hired at a Local Subway, knowing the end was nearing and I had to do whatever to keep my place of residence near. Though, as all things that didn't turn out to be very successful - as such after about 3 1/2 months of that, I am again residing at my parents house back in Springville, until I can afford another adventure out on my own.

Bits and pieces unmentioned, my beloved Civic died sometime in October, which I'm still currently trying to sell- and the truck that Tom and his brother Will have been trying to fix up---I finally fixed and his mother is selling to me is done, and hopefully will be legal this weekend. (:
Oh yeah, and me and Thomas are back together, as most of you well know. Things between friends are reconciled, and others are gone. People come and go, but those who care will always remain where need them the most.

Life lessons suck, but I've learned a lot this year. Thankfully, I still have people around me that care. Hopefully I will be adding more to this blog soon! Thanks for listening/reading. Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. <3

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