Friday, June 29, 2012

We Don't Need The Light

Well hello blog world, its been almost forever.
Actually it has been forever. Its been like.. nearly 6 months since I've written, which kinda threw my new years resolution for a spin. This is why I don't make these damn things, they never work out...

Catch up.
McDonalds; GONE.
April I found a good job again, at Walmart of all places, but not the shitty evil one in Springville. Surprisingly its in Orem, and I really like it there actually *knocks on wood*- the people there are really friendly (the ones I work with) and the management doesn't blow nuggets of insane doom.  Quite nice actually. I enjoy actually going to work again. Long story short, started on the remodel. Kept it up quite nicely, and they decided they liked me enough to keep me hired. Met some awesome kids, and some new friends. Then became the lovely cashier again that you all know me as today :)

ALSO, in a quite amazing relationship with this lovely Andres.
In doing so, created quite a ruckus with some friends.
Started out with Bekkah, and I'm only mentioning her name really because she has me blocked and in case anyone decides to tell her, go for it. But she freaked cuz I was chillin' with Serena and Pablo a ton, didn't enjoy not being center of attention anymore I guess. >.<
Then, when I find friends, of course you know people and other people can never really agree to, tooooo much with just one thing. I guess some people never really find a fantastic medium place, aka common ground.

So I am again, a lone wolf. You know, aside from Andres. But I guess it's all good, I mean I still have friends that will always be there for me. Mostly because they are always there, just not always with with me. In lamer terms I guess, I have friends that are mostly considered family, as in they will never really go anywhere, and they will keep moving forward which is what they really should do. (:

And so for the now; I am working, trying to stay and keep another job, hopefully so I can either go get Andres OR so I can just move to Florida all together (:  Turns out its dramatically cheaper there, and nicer and you know the BEACH. (:
So I suppose we will see what works out better. (:

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